update Microtonic without internet access ?

Nigel Hebblethwaite145 views4 posts
  • Nigel Hebblethwaite

    I have read on the forum , the details of using the current installer to update from a previous Micvrotonic version to later versions. Easy enough . However my music computer is not allowed onto the internet ,so how do I update ? I have other ,internet-connected machines I can use. I don't think I have ever updated it since I purchased it when it first came out, so maybe it's now time !

  • Magnus Lidström

    No problem. Just download the installer and put it on a usb drive for example. The installer is fully self-contained and you do not need internet to activate your license(s). Instead, simply open the plugin and enter the registration key manually.

  • Nigel Hebblethwaite

    Thanx , Magnus,
    now I am going to set up a new 64 bit machine with Cubase 10.5 ,and I assume the installer will work on that , too? Time to retire the XP machine. Like me it is getting very cranky in it's old age !

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yes, our latest versions have been tested quite thoroughly with Cubase 10.5.

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