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  • Felix Barbarino

    Hi there,

    first.. I love Echobode!
    And I love scrolling through the presets to achieve random crazy results.

    However it's quite hard to do so because (at least on Windows) they all appear in just on row. And you can only scroll very slowly by holding mouse click on the tiny buttons at the top or bottom.. which cost you about a minute to even see other presets.

    And when you wanna change a preset it's going back to it's original state so you have to scroll every time again (like one minute) when you wanna try out different presets.

    It would so much cooler and easier to handle if all presets were sorted in folders. Or even when they just appear besides in a second, third, fourth.. row and not just in one endless long!

    Is this only me or is this a bug / nice feature request?

    I attached an exmaple how that could be way more intuitive :)



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