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    So I download the product but after installing nothing happened [Logic didn't detect it, and I couldn't find any new file on my computer]. So I assume I need to buy it, and after the transaction I get an email that takes me to the download list which is the same thing I downloaded without paying. I installed twice already yet the only files I have now are the user guide, the disk image, and an uninstallation app. Help!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi there,

    Your installation is correct. There is no stand alone version of any of our products so the only files that are added to your Applications folder is the User Guide and the Uninstaller. The actual instrument is added as both VST and AU plugins to your Library and to run it you will need a host that support either of these standards.

    The problem you are experiencing with Logic is most likely a common problem that Logic has detecting 32-bit plug-ins in 64-bit mode. There is an easy work around for this where you start Logic once in 32-bit mode for it to run its plug-in scan and evaluation to successfully detect 32-bit plugins. There are some detailed steps on how to do this in the following topic:

    Microtonic and Synplant not showing up in Logic 9

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