Gain stage issues - All presets are crazy loud (clipping upwards of +20 dbfs) since update

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    First of all, the update for Microtonic has been fantastic and love using this a lot.

    One thing I've noticed since the update as pretty much all of the presets clip, making it extremely tedious to flip through them.

    We're talking some of the patternarium ones clipping upwards of +20 dbfs! I can turn down the master output and the clipping returns to normal, but again going to the next preset it's the same thing.

    Is there something I'm missing because the internal gain structure has been kind of 'broken' since the update? Is there a setting or option, because this is far from optimal as far as fast workflow goes.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Unless there is some odd bug with your particular installation I am pretty confident that we have not broken the audio in any way in the latest update. We employ pretty rigorous tests when we build to ensure that audio output remains identical between revisions.

    Microtonic levels have always been on the hotter side, often overshooting 0 dB with it's transients, but these peaks are usually very narrow and can be safely hard- or soft-clipped e.g. by an insert effect. Microtonic in itself however never clips the signal. Audio is passed to your DAW as floating-point numbers that have no upper limit and no audio degradation will occur if you just lower the gain on the mixer channel.

    Just to make sure that the levels in your setup are indeed normal, here is a drum patch that should peak at slightly less than 0 dB (just on the border to digital clipping if no gain change is applied to it afterwards).

    0dB.mtdrum(0.56kB, 527 downloads)

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