I need help to save my drum patches relating to the morphing fader.

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  • Cyril Clément

    I'm new to Microtonic but because it's very well designed, I never had to struggle with anything so far. But there's only one thing I can't understand : how should I proceed so a drum patch, let's say a kick, keeps all the parameters I set for the 3 position of the morphing fader (left, center, right).
    Just to be sure that my question is clear, here's my problem : I need the drive at 10% when the morphing fader is top left, then 35% when it's at the center and 70% for top right. So far, the only idea I had to keep this setup is to save my kick patch once when with morphing fader is top left and all the parameters set like I want when the morphing fader is top left, then I set the morphing fader to the center, set all the parameters for this position and a third time when the morphing fader is top right (sorry for the paraphrasing !). Of course it doesn't work. I came to this idea because at first, I thought that this process would happen anyway, I mean without even saving the patch. And it kind does that but with only 2 values, the one you set for the top right and for the top left. At least I think this is its logic. I stop here this tedious explanation for a very simple question, I hope there's a pretty simple explanation but I didn't find it in the manual.
    thank you for your help, cheers,

  • Fredrik Lidström

    The morph fader only has a left and right side, you can not set a middle value. If you put the fader in the middle and adjust a parameter, it will affect both sides equally.

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