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    I use this midi modular program called Loomer architect where we have the ability to control vst parameters either directly over midi ( value 0-127) or direct vst parameter ( range 0-1)
    When controlling microtonic waveform select (whcich has 3 states , state1 = 0 , state 2=0.5 , state 3 =1)
    When sending it a value greater then 1 it crashes , when tonic's gui is shown

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply. I am not surprised to be honest. Values outside the 0 and 1 range is not allowed and our beta builds would report this as an error. In our release builds it would result in undefined behaviour.

    We follow the design-by-contract principle to avoid bugs without performance penalties. Here is a quote from the wiki:

    Contract conditions should never be violated during execution of a bug-free program. Contracts are therefore typically only checked in debug mode during software development. Later at release, the contract checks are disabled to maximize performance.

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