Microtonic Multi-output will not load in Logic 10.4.8 or 10.5

Peter Dowsett130 views4 posts
  • Peter Dowsett

    The stereo plugin loads just fine, but I get this error "Failed to load Audio Unit “Microtonic ”, please contact the manufacturer for an updated version or further assistance" when trying to load the multi-output version. I am using the 2020.03.22 version of the installer to attempt re-install, but that changes nothing.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Is this still a problem? Did you check with Logic 10.5.1? Logic 10.5 was buggy with Audio Units that had multiple outputs.

  • Peter Dowsett

    On your recommendation, I went ahead and embraced Logic 10.5.1. This update seems to have fixed the multi-output issue in Microtonic, and I seem to have avoided the many headaches people are complaining about online with regards to the new Logic. Thank you.

  • Magnus Lidström


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