PO-35 dump?

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  • Phil Mahoney

    Hi Magnus,

    Just wondering if I can get that PO-35 dump. I'd really like to try changing FX 12 on my PO-137 to the build-up.

    Thank you!
    Phil Mahoney

  • Phil Mahoney

    Bump! Any change you could upload a PO-35 dump for my PO-137, Magnus?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry it took me a while. Been in "vacation mode." ;)

    Here are the PO-35 factory settings:


    In case you want to restore the PO-137 factory settings you can simply hold down [write]+[pattern] when you put the batteries in.

  • Magnus Lidström

    If anyone else reading this owns a PO-35 and wants to try the "fm bend" effect from the PO-137 it can be loaded onto the PO-35 using this dump:

  • Phil Mahoney

    Thank you so much, sir! Hope you're staying safe and healthy.

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