Sonic Charge Synplant

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  • Magnus Lidström

    It is with great joy and pride that we can finally present Sonic Charge Synplant - the organic alternative to synthesis.

    Almost two years in the making, this is our first major release since µTonic 2.0 in 2005. It is a synthesizer with a user interface that we dare say may raise quite a few surprised eye-brows. A product that takes a resolute step away from the paradigm of virtual machinery and embraces an organic approach to sound creation.

    Read more and download a fully functional trial version from the Synplant product page.

    If you already own µTonic, do not miss the 25% discount we offer on Synplant for the rest of 2008. (If you do not own µTonic, you can purchase a bundle with Synplant and µTonic for a reduced price.)

    We hope that you will find Synplant an inspiring and vitalizing recharge for your sonic explorations!

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