How do I find Synplant in Logic Express 8?

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  • anonymous

    I just downloaded Synplant trial version to my iMac. I am running Snow Leopard. I am using Logic Express 8. I ran the installation and it completed. I then opened up Logic Express and created a new project... Now what? I can't seem to find instructions on where to look for SynPlant. I tried looking in my "Inserts" for the one track I have. I don't see it. Hopefully someone can point me to some docs on how to access it from Logic Express.


  • anonymous

    I am running the trial version of Synplant. Installed it. Started Logic Express 8. Created a new track... Now what? How to I bring up Synplant?


    OS X 10.6.8
    Snow Leopard

  • Fredrik Lidström


    I have never tried Logic Express, but could it perhaps be related to the problems Logic 9 has with 32-bit plugins? Please check the following forum post and let me know if it help.

    Topic: Microtonic and Synplant not showing up in Logic 9

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