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    Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 Review: Is it the best choice for you?

    On the market today, there are many good vacuum cleaners for you. However, finding the one that best suits your home's needs is not easy. In this article, we would like to introduce to you one of the most reliable products - Shark Navigator NV352.This is a multi-purpose cleaner powerful enough to help you tackle dirt over a large area. Here is the completeĀ Shark navigator lift-away reviews for you!

    The design of Shark NV352


    Shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner weighs only 12.5 lbs, which is quite a lot lighter than similar vacuum cleaners of the same size, making it one of the lightest upright cordless vacuum cleaners we have found Have evaluated. Therefore, it is a great choice for people of all ages and mobility levels.

    Dust box

    The Shark navigator lift-away bagless upright vacuum eliminates the need to worry about running to your local store in the middle of a cleanup because you've run out of trash bags. Specifically, the Shark NV352 is equipped with a large dust box and can lift the box away from the body, which makes it easy to use on the stairs or clean the curtains.

    Height control

    A 25-foot long power cord provides user-adjustable high-low suction areas. Combined with the swivel head, you'll be able to navigate any tight spot with record speed.

    Features and technology in Shark NV352

    Versatile suction

    As mentioned and according to Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum reviews, the Shark NV352 has strong suction. However, the thing that makes this machine better is the integration of the release-suction function. This makes it easy for users to reduce suction when not needed or when cleaning sensitive surfaces.

    Optimal air filtration

    Complete anti-allergic sealing technology will ensure any pet hair you pick up won't fly out. Besides, dirt and fine particles are also cleaned.

    Shark Navigator comes with two different filters for maximum cleaning power: a foam filter and a HEPA filter. Accordingly, you probably already know, HEPA is the gold standard air filter for allergies, and asthma stands for high-efficiency particulate air.

    Swift steering

    In our house, you will often find it difficult to clean the nooks and crannies often because of obstacles, which are household items that you put in. Therefore, the manufacturer Sharkninja has given this machine a great navigation feature to avoid colliding with furniture and other devices during cleaning. What is more surprising is that, with this unique feature, the price of this machine is still in the list of the cheapest vacuum cleaners of this manufacturer.

    Powerful engine

    Shark navigator lift upright vacuum is a versatile suction equipped with a powerful motor. With 1200 watts of power, this machine is capable of cleaning anything you put in its path.

    Quick RunDown Of Shark NV352


    • Pick up the box
    • HEPA filter system
    • Rotating handlebars
    • 5-year parts warranty


    • Cord length is only 25 feet

    The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is a reliable vacuum cleaner. It's affordable and lightweight, which are two great selling points. In addition, this machine has strong suction and is easy to control. It's a bit lower quality than its more expensive counterparts, but that doesn't compromise reliability and buyer satisfaction in any way.

    Hopefully, with theĀ Shark navigator lift away reviews above, you can know the advantages and disadvantages of this product. Good luck!

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