Microtonic inside Maschine

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  • Tom Mosler

    Hi there!

    I made this mapping for Native Instruments Maschine.
    It is a Group preset with 8 instances of Sonic Charge Microtonic loaded to 8 different pads, mapped with all parameters across 3 pages each for quick access.
    This way user can program each cell (pad) directly from Maschine hardware.
    You also get Morph per sound so it is even more powerful then running one instance.

    Combine this with Maschine Lock system and things get crazy ;)

    I made this available at my website for a small fee.

    Hope you will enjoy it!
    Link: https://sequentek.net/product/microtonic-group-for-maschine/

  • Richard James

    I love the sound of being able to use this with the Lock function but I can't find it anywhere. Is it still available. Thanks.

  • Richard James

    I found the link to this if anyone wants it..

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