What about Big Sur? Ready steady?)

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    If no as of today then any timeframe please?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    We've tested it on Big Sur on our ARM Mac. We did not find any issues. I have had one support email regarding it not working, so I am not 100% sure. Unfortunately, I cannot run Big Sur on my Intel Mac and test it, because it's too old. Any people out there with Big Sur installed that can verify if it works or not?

  • Christian Fichter

    Microtonic, Permut8 and Echobode are running perfectly well on my iMac 2015 under BigSur inside Ableton Live. I haven't yet tested Synplant (I don't own it) and Bitspeek (I don't use it often).

  • Jonas Nordin

    Cyclone crashes my DAW (Reason 10) in Big Sur. I love Cyclone! It would be great to have it working again.

  • Tunca Yıldız

    Unfortunately in big sur microtonic vst causes crashes in ableton. I have files from my old pc with microtonic vst tracks in them and they cause crashes in ableton. Audio unit version of microtonic doesn't seem to cause a problem though. I'm downgrading to catalina now cause I couldn't find any solution. Microtonic is my main tool when making music, so it is actually very disturbing to me. Please share with me any solution if you could find any. Thanks in advance. And thank you for microtonic, this vst is my absolute favorite 🌸💫💖

  • Manuel Senfft

    You know ... posting the exact same text in different threads won't make the solution come closer faster . . .

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