What about Big Sur? Ready steady?)

Alexander Alexandrov214 views3 posts
  • Alexander Alexandrov

    If no as of today then any timeframe please?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    We've tested it on Big Sur on our ARM Mac. We did not find any issues. I have had one support email regarding it not working, so I am not 100% sure. Unfortunately, I cannot run Big Sur on my Intel Mac and test it, because it's too old. Any people out there with Big Sur installed that can verify if it works or not?

  • Christian Fichter

    Microtonic, Permut8 and Echobode are running perfectly well on my iMac 2015 under BigSur inside Ableton Live. I haven't yet tested Synplant (I don't own it) and Bitspeek (I don't use it often).

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