Payment Problems (they don't want my money)

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  • karl sheridan

    Hello. I am trying to buy the whole bundle - when I clicked the payment button a message appears stating I must accept the terms and conditions.
    Well, let me say - I have checked high and low for boxes not ticked and I'm afraid I can not find one that has not been ticked - So what the actual is going on?

    Is this a paranoia filter or something?

  • Fredd€

    Should only be these two checkboxes, at the bottom of the page, that are required:


    Did you try clearing cache and reloading the page? I know FastSpring sometimes gets into a weird session state.

    Also try a different browser, computer, or smartphone and see if that helps.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Karl Sheridan

    Hi Fredrik,

    I installed MS Edge and tried to pay again - well I could hardly believe my eyes - it worked on first attempt!
    There must be some beef between payment provider and Google

    Thanks for info / help / advice ETC and more importantly, thank you for everything you do for the WWF. It is admirable work.



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