Microtonic Feature Requests, Please?

Bradley Peddinani304 views5 posts
  • Bradley Peddinani

    Hi, first of all. I absolutely love the Microtonic! It’s easily one of the best drum machines ever, even better than many hardware drum machines. I would like to request a couple of features. I know many others have been asking as well and would appreciate them as much as I would.

    1. Step Length Per Channel For Polymetric Rhythms
    2. Step Velocity
    3. Being Able To Switch Individual Channel Presets Without Having To Save Each Sound In User Presets Or Be Able To “Lock” A Sound On A Channel So When You Select A New Preset, That One Sound Doesn’t Change To The New Preset Sound For That Channel.
    4. And This Is A Big One...A Hardware Version! I Know, Wishful But One Can Dream!

    Anyways, I think the first three are realistic & would be a killer improvement! I know several people also would love these upgrades.

    Thanks for your time & consideration. Keep up the good work!

  • Darrell Levy

    i agree man all of those thing u suggested would be wkd.. i feel the hardware version is the po 32 tbh..u set things up then its great for jamming

  • Mike Overdijk

    +1 on 1-3 (well, 4 too actually)

  • Steven Sauve

    Yes to 1-3. Not interested in 4, but that's just me.

  • Frank Heller

    Replace the stereo version’s A/B output buttons with an 8 bus selector per pad. It would make this thing a bit more versatile.

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