Can the BitSpeek VST be 'moved' to the (Muse) Receptor?

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  • anonymous

    ...i'd like to use BitSpeak on a (Muse) Receptor; the Receptor uses a proprietary, Linux-based OS and can load Windows-VSTs...

    ...with other VSTs - like U-HEs Zebra - i can move the plugin after unpacking (after installation) from a Mac- (if neccessary: Win-) computer to the Receptor environment... this possible with BitSpeak? - can i unpack/install it on a Windows-machine and then move the VST to the Receptor?...does BitSpeak use any libraries or similar that might have to be moved also?...

    ...previously i have also been able to install VSTs like iZotopes Trash on the Receptor - without all the presets however, as it was not possible to make a required directory for the presets on the machine...

    ...the Receptor allows limited access to the interface of the VSTs - so it might be possible to manually enter a serial-number if required...


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi and thank you for you question,

    I actually do not know if Bitspeek is 100% compatible with the Receptor or not. So please post a follow up with any experience you have regarding this.

    None of our plugins require any additional files or libraries. You should be able to move the dll file from one computer to another. The registration procedure will require you to enter your full name, email and a registration code containing letters and numbers.

    If you have not purchased Bitspeek already, you can download the trial from our download section here. Just give it a go and see if it loads up and please let the rest of us know. =)

    / Fredrik

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