Microtonic - play pattern on key hold

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  • SicTransitGloriaMundi

    maybe im blind but i didnt saw any possibiltiy in the manual to play a pattern only as long a midi key is pressed.
    there is a similar function for muting a channel but only mute not play pattern. i feel like the default behavior is best for live play, but when setting up an arrangement a pattern-play-while-midi-note is engaged seems more favorable as you dont have to include stops everywhere.

    C2 to G2 48 to 55 Mute channel one to eight. The channel will stay
    muted for as long as the key is held down. Foot-
    switch (MIDI controller 64) can be used to sustain
    ------------quote end ----------

  • Magnus Lidström

    Try the "Retrigger Gated" midi mode in Midi Config:

  • SicTransitGloriaMundi

    awesome, thanks !
    .. now i also found it in the manual 🥴😅

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