Expand demo time? Future plans?

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  • Manuel Senfft

    Hi there,

    at the moment I am searching for a new very simple and resource friendly good sounding drum synth. Unfortunately there do not seem to be available that much these days (quite weird to me ...) and I found Microtonic some weeks ago. I also downloaded the demo and could test it a bit, but then there were some other projects coming in.

    It says it just keeps counting the weeks when using it? Or does it count "1 week" for every new single moment inside a new week it was used? If the later is the case, I might should have managed my testing time better, to be honest ... TL;DR: my demo seems to be expired.

    I am now wondering if there might be an option to expand the testing time at least a tiny bit or so? Or another demo restriction like random noises or "plugin gets silent" would also be nice to have.

    Also a side question: are there any sales from time to time? I could not find a hint. While the development of this plugin seems to be quite still active, the ~100 bucks seem ... okayish to me. Still a discount would be quite attractive. (-;

    Another question is: how are the future plans of this plugin? Are there being feature requests accepted by the devs etc.? Well, obviously at this moment I don't have one, I just want to get a picture of the companies attitude etc. (=

  • Manuel Senfft

    1. Thanks for publishing my post! <3
    2. The question about sales is solved, since I found somewhere in the forum that you people at Sonic Charge do not make sales, but instead donate some of the share to charity or similar. Quite nice! (=

    The demo thing also isn't that critical anymore, but these questions are still open:

    1. Are the future plans to improve MT?
    2. Are you open minded to feature requests?

    Thanks for your reply. (=

  • Fredrik Lidström


    Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to reset the trial. You can try creating a new local user on your computer, it might fool Microtonic that you are a new person, depending on what you do with it. 😊

    As you notice, we do not do sales. Every day is the best price point to buy our products. Over the years we have only increased the price of Microtonic as we have upgraded it and added new features. The post you found was most likely in reference to Black Fridays, where we have a tradition to donate 100% of the revenue to WWF to help fight climate change.

    We do maintenance updates on our plugins from time to time, to make sure they keep working with new OS versions. Sometimes we do bigger upgrades. We have some ideas for Microtonic, but nothing is planned at the moment. Right now we are only focusing on Synplant 2.

    Feature requests are always welcome, sometimes it might even be something we have not thought about! 😋

  • Manuel Senfft

    Hi Fredrik,

    many thanks for your reply (even on a weekend!). This sounds promising that you seem eager to still work on Microtonic.

    Regarding the trial period: thanks for the idea, hehe. I think I will solve it on "my own" ... by just buying it, hehe. (-;

    I do got some ideas during the testing time already. I'll post them into a new thread, if this is ok to you. Thanks again for your reply!

    Have a nice evening! (=

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