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  • paul jimenez

    hi i purchased sonic charge micotonic yesterday and can get authenticator to download the program.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey, the Sonic Charge Authenticator is only for authorizing your installation. Microtonic is already included in the same installer. If the plugin does not show up in your host, either the paths are not set correctly, or you simply need to restart your host/computer and rescan for plugins.

    Are you running on Mac or Windows?

    If you get an error during authorization or installation, please let me know what it says.

  • paul jimenez

    Ok I figure it out. Sorry i'm a newbie, like day one. Thank you for your help.

  • Louis Wilson

    I cant find Synplant 2 in my Ableton 11
    I installed in my E drive with all my other vst plugins

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