Problem with Vintage Tonic

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  • Anaïs Brocher

    I'm super excited about the Christmas gift "Vintage Tonic", by the way thanks again for this wonderful idea!
    I downloaded the patch package but I can't use it, I don't know why.
    No preset works inside Microtonic, as if it "charged" nothing. When I try to play with it I have always the same sound, with all presets and all channels.
    I'm probably doing something wrong but I've never expericenced a similar case before (whereas I use the Patternarium and download presets frequently).
    My version is the 3.2.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hard to say what's going wrong. If you could record a video of your steps, and upload it here on this topic that would be great.

  • Anaïs Brocher

    Ok, I think I've found the answer (and it was my fault indeed...) : I didn't see I had to put by myself the patches in the channels, because usually it is done automatically with the presets from the Patternarium. The patch section was on "init".
    Thanks anyway!

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