Open saved preset and half of each morph is gone?

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  • Zack Scholl

    Hi, I'm pretty new to MicroTonic. I've been using the software to make plugins for the PO-32. To get all 16 I've made two patches - one for the "top" (1-8 on PO-32) and one for the "bottom" (9-16).

    Today I opened the "top" preset and I found that each sound lost one of the morphs - that is, the left and right morph are now the same for each button. I'm not sure what I did wrong, this is not the case for the "bottom" version - both morphs are intact after saving. I'm not sure if I opened it via "Open Preset" or opened it via clicking below the "SONICCHARGE microtonic" logo...does that make a difference? Would appreciate any idea on what is going on, so I don't make this mistake again.

  • Zack Scholl

    Okay, actually now I think I might know what happened - when I save a preset, does it actually save only the currently selected morph side (L/R) or both? I was assuming it saved both but now I'm thinking it only saves one side.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes, sorry. The Morph slider was added as a level above the preset and the full state can only be saved by the host you are running Microtonic in. In the stand-alone, it can be done with "Export FXB" and "Import FXB" in the file menu. The hierarchy is not super intuitive for a new user.

    A Microtonic patch is the setting for a single drum channel.
    A Microtonic preset is the patch settings for all 8 channels and all pattern data
    A Microtonic FX Bank (FXB file) is the whole state including Morph position and patch settings for the left and right morph.

  • Zack Scholl

    No need to be sorry! Thanks for the clarification. It totally makes sense. Coming from the PO-32 I think I had my mind set that the morph was part of the preset.

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