Previous generation Patternarium voting and sifting?

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  • braduro

    Q: Is there anyway to go back to the patternarium when generation 26 was still being voted on, and continue to run it where I left off?

    Not the first time this has happened to me, but it is a matter of pride that I was voting and selecting the patterns that suited me. It's just that I didn't make it through the full generation. Understandably, 1000 patterns is a lot to get through. Perhaps I need to succumb to evolutionary processes and accept that my top choices are the collective's top choices, but the staunch individualist in me thinks I would pick different patterns to breed.

    Alternatively, is there a closing date for voting that is announced or posted as a countdown that I'm overlooking? Then I could try to remember to use my downtime here and there to sift through another 100 patterns...

    Finally, are my favorites stored somewhere that I can reference? As a feature request, it might be fun if my labeling a pattern with "Favorite" (Heart) then saves the preset with a suffix, such as "fav" or initials specified from my sonic charge username account (that might be misleading, as I didn't author them, but throwing ideas out there). That way, I can search for all my choice of creme de la creme patterns.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    We do not have a countdown or closing date for voting because it does not follow any strict rules. It's part of our artistic freedom to winging it when we have time. 😁

    You can go back to and select "Unvoted" from the filter to only show the ones you did not vote for.

    The order of the patterns in Patternarium is individual to you, but always the same if you are signed in. This means that you could also browse backward until you find the point where you stopped voting.

    You can of course not vote in old generations, but you can still favorite mark patterns you like.

    If you change the filter to "Favorites" you can browse through the ones you marked as favorites in that generation. The download button also changes from downloading a single pattern to downloading all favorites as a zip archive.

  • braduro

    That is a workaround, thank you Lidstrõm
    Some snafus about that is that I don't understand where I'd pick up if for example I audited another 100 patterns at a time. I'd have to advance beyond the last vote 100 next patterns, right?

    Any feeling either way about addending the names of favorites to include "fav" at the end when they are saved? By the time they are in my presets folder, they're just a name and a BPM, if I don't save and rename each one myself. Of course with this Favs folder download option, I could just point the search to that folder, maybe marry the favs from each generation into the same folder...
    So I'll make something work. Thank you!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    With the "unvoted" filter on, you will only step through patterns that you did not previously vote on. But there is of course no way to vote in a closed generation, so if you listen to 100 patterns and then leave, you would have to keep track of where to come back to.

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