Tip: Using Permut8 as saturation / distortion

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  • Manuel Senfft

    Hey there,

    I searched the forum, but could not find a thing regarding this "tip". I recently bought Permut8 and found out that it can (and I am absolutely not sure, if it was intended to be for this!? Haha!) be used as some kind of saturator / distortion plugin .. or even giving this .. I don't know "analog touch" to any sound (while I personally hate such terms as "analog touch", haha! :D ) by just ...

    ... cranking the Input down and cranking the output up !

    With too much output gain there will even be some hissing noise, generated by the plugin (intentionally right? :D). I find it quite funny, since it feels like the main part is the right site of the GUI, but only with the left site of the GUI can be done such a great sound!

    I just wanted to post this little thing I discovered here, in case some other people might find this useful.

    Keep up the good work, Sonic Charge! <3

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