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  • Sean8877


    I have a stupid question but I can't seem to find the answer (tried searching the site, the forums, FAQ and Google search and I'm still confused). I downloaded a bunch of presets and drum patches (.mtpreset and .mtdrum files), how exactly do I load them into my newly purchased version of Microtonic? Do I just copy the folders with the files into "C:\Program Files\Sonic Charge\Microtonic Presets" and "C:\Program Files\Sonic Charge\Microtonic Drum Patches"? It looks like there is some sort of folder structure under those folders so I'm afraid to mess with that. Thanks for any help.


  • Manuel Senfft

    Hey and welcome to the wonderful world of Microtonic !

    Regarding your question:
    I can only speak for Windows users, but maybe you'll figure the path out in OSX, if you are a Mac user. Basically you can have the presets in something like this location:
    C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents\Sonic Charge

    and there the folder

    Microtonic User Drum Patches

    for your .mtdrum files and the folder

    Microtonic User Presets

    for your .mtpreset files.

    Feel also free to makje subfolders for better organizing all the presets / patched.

    In Microtonic you then can load one of these files with the open dialog, which has this "Go to user presets" or "... patches" button like so:

    Does this help? Feel free to ask again, if something is still unclear. (-; ... otherwise: happy drumming!

  • Sean8877

    Thanks for the detailed reply. I am on Windows so basically it sounds like I can copy the folders with the presets and drum patches under those folders you mentioned and then go into Microtonic and access them from the menu like you're showing in the screen shot. Sounds simple enough, I'll give it a try. Thanks again for the help.

  • Manuel Senfft

    Glad I could help! Good luck and have fun! (=

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