Transfer all patterns to PO-32 instead of just one?

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  • Ben Wiley

    I just bought Microtonic to use with PO-32, and last night I spent probably 90 minutes making audio backups of all the Vintage Tonic sound+pattern presets to try with PO-32. Fastforward to now, I'm trying it out and realizing that Microtonic only transferred the first pattern from every preset. I guess I could use the PO-32 to assemble patterns where I want them then make a backup from the PO-32 itself, but is there a faster way to do this? I would have expected Microtonic to have an option to transfer everything.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    The PO-32 sounds+pattern transfer will transfer the currently selected pattern and its full chain. If you chain patterns 1-12 you can see in the transfer box that you can select a destination for all 12 patterns.

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