Can't get Synplant or Microtonic to show up on Sound Forge

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  • Evan LeVang

    How can I get Micro and Synplant to show up on Sound Forge? Three other apps that I bought with the package show up. Of course - the two that I was most interested in don't. I've spent hours reading and searching and downloading and trying this and trying that and I am becoming extremely frustrated and disappointed. Maybe Sound Forge is a piece of crap (although it seems to work fine) and I should dump it and buy Reaper? I am new to all of this and really loving it but this is making me nuts!

  • Tomas Jensen

    Hi Evan, if you got Echobode, Permut8 and Bitspeek showing up in SF is because those are signal processing/FX software and don't produce sound themselves, only modulate the sound-signal. SF is a DAES ( digital audio editing suite) and works more like a "sampler" and doesn't normally support instruments (VSTi's, UA's, DXi's etc) unless some of them enable their FX section of the plugin, I don't think Microtonic nor Synplant does that - therefor no appearance in SF's FX section as a plugin.

    It's fair to say that SF is not a DAW/sequencer either, it's a sound post/pre-processing platform. What you need is a DAW/sequencer that supports VSTi's or AU's like Cubase, Reaper, Logic, Renoise, Ableton and they're alike.

    To SF's defence (been using it since the age of DAAAWN when Sony was its master) it's I highly versatile software and ain't no piece of crap and is one of the best DEAS out there to date.

    Hope this helps you to sort out things and get the right software for the right job.

    Yours sincerely Tomas

  • Evan LeVang

    Thank you very much, Tomas! I know it must be annoying answering silly questions like mine, so I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this basic stuff. Even though it can get frustrating trying to self-teach, it's exciting to make a breakthrough and make progress.

    Much appreciated,


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