New PO-32 Patch Compilation Pack

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  • Ian Barlow

    Hi folks,

    I'm very new to the PO-32 as I've only had mine a few days, but I've been hunting around the Interwebs for useful patches and have put together a Top 40 collection and stored it on Google Drive.

    Every patch is freshly recorded straight from my own Tonic into a studio quality PC soundcard to guarantee a high level of quality and saved as a V0 VBR MP3 file, so nobody should have any trouble loading these.

    In as many cases as I could ascertain, the patches were classified as freely distributable, so I don't think I'll be treading on anyone's toes by sharing them in this manner. If anyone disagrees, please let me know.

    None of the original work is mine, and each MP3 file is tagged with the patch title and author's name to give credit and for easy navigation in any MP3 player. This is a great pack of patches to keep on your phone.

    I'm doing this because I read so many posts asking where to download decent patches, and some of the links given are now dead. It's been a pleasure hunting them down, and I'm happy to help others when I can.

    If I'm breaking any rules, please delete this post, otherwise... url link

    PS You have no idea how much I love the PO-32! Thank you!

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