PO-32 - Unknown Codes From Sound + BPM

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  • Ian Barlow

    Hi folks,

    I'm an incessant fiddler and discovered some unusual codes popping up on the 7-segment section of the display when pressing sound + bpm multiple times.

    As we already know from the manual, doing this once gives us a battery remaining readout, but holding down sound while repeatedly pressing bpm also gives ULt with a readout of 259, CPU with 4 and rEL with 320.

    I was wondering if Magnus (or anyone who knows really) could please tell us what they are and if they're in any way usable? I'm guessing they're not useful to an end-user but, out of curiosity, I'd still love to know what they mean.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey, those are debug readouts, it's actually VLt, but U and V look exactly the same on a 7-segment display.

    VLtBattery voltage2.59V
    CPUProcessor use4%
    rELBuild version320
  • Ian Barlow

    Thanks Fredrik.

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