Cyclone , save set up and samples ( NON fxp )

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    Hi all .
    I am absoluly loving cyclone but still have 2 obstacles to overcome before fully masering it .
    The first one is how to save ( non fxp ) set-ups and (recorded )samples.
    Cyclone reports a disk protected message and ask for a new disk insert ..which leaves me questioned as to which disk I should load .
    Should I just create a blank image file with disk bakker ?
    Secondly and this one is a bit harder , is how to use cyclone multitimbral
    I have no problems making voice edits with muliple sample groups for layering or drumkits etc.. and most of the time I just stay in that menu , and just load a new instance of cyclone for mutlitimbral use , but this is holding me back from fully masering it .
    One step higher in the hierachy is the perform edit and this is where individual midi channels are assigned .
    No problem either doing that , but I just can't get cyclone to play multimbral

    cheers ..and what an amzing piece of software ...

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    O.K. I managed to solve the first question
    Just baking an empty disk and saving onto that ,, but this brings up another question .
    It means we're always dependent on the online disk bakker to create empty disks , is there another way to do this ?

    Alos anoher question , even if the lfo is not assigned to pitch in the mod table , increasing the lfo's amplitude settings ( in the lfo tab ) is still affecting pitch .
    It can't get the lfo to just modulate the filter freuency without affecting pitch , since settings the lfo amplitude to zero also affect the filter amount ( or better lack off )
    This means the lfo is hardwired to picth ?

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    No one ?
    Still struggling to get one instance of cyclone to receive on different midi channels , iow multitimbral

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    All right I found it ,
    It's in the performance set-up group parameter
    Phew !!

  • Daniel “Gula” GoodAir

    Do you know how to access the types of filters, for example the lowpass or the highpass filter?

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    Yes , go into voice edit , press +1 to go to filter dialogue , press right arrow to move to filter type

  • Guitaruby

    HxC Floppy Drive Emulator will create .img files. I’ve used it a lot and it works very well!
    You can download from here:

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