AI Generated Beats- 80's Style

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  • Anthony Munoz

    Hi there, I really like the fact that Microtonic has access to basically unlimited numbers of beats for free. That's something I haven't seen from any other company. I have to say that I really like the few 80's style beat presets that Microtonic comes with and was hoping to find similar beats through the AI generative beat site that you provide absolutely free to anyone. While I really love the concept and, honestly, the beats this site generates are really awesome. The only issue I have is that these beats all seem to fall into the techno/EDM/Hip-Hop realm. I was hoping to find similar beats to your 80's presets (Depeche Mode style) but they all sound more like something you would hear for this other type of music.
    Would it be difficult to get the AI to create more of those 1980's style beats as I really love the ones that come stock with the instrument and searching online, I can't seem to locate many patches online that would be more tailored to this type of music (which your software is overwhelming more than capable of).

    Thank you!


  • Fredrik Lidström

    I think the consensus is that if you take 1.6 million votes over the past 11 years, you end up with techno, EDM, and Hip-Hop.

    Patternarium genres would be awesome, we haven't figured out how it would work tho without eventually consolidating back to hip-hop. 😁

  • Anthony Munoz

    You make a good point! I suppose there would be nothing to prevent folks from just picking the techno/EDM/Hip-Hop sounds even if you tried to create a separate Patternarium instance. What if people also would select a "genre" for what they thought the beat represented and then the server would always keep the best of each "genre" for each generation? Do you suppose something like that might work?

    That's the best I can come up with at the moment aside from maybe trialing a second Patternarium to have people pick non-techno/EDM/Hip-Hop beats perhaps.

  • Vladimir Pashkin

    Microtonic is such a great instrument that it provides everything you need for any electronic style.
    Patternarium is the cherry on top of the cake. He lets ... be lazy. :-D

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