Splitpoint not working with certain samples

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    Normally it's verry easy to add splitpoints to make a drumkit in one group
    We just press voice and utitlity , press 8 and select our first wave , , pressing go several times will create new splitpoints for each wave ..
    Then when going back into voice menu and select 'param waves , we see the entries of the created splitpoints
    This has always worked except for now ( recorded samples )
    Here is an fxp with three samples named 1,2,3, , I already made the voice group but when doing the exact same procedure as mentioned above , no new samples are added to the group .


    For some reasn ca't upload rar of fxp files
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    Well , as always I found the answer .
    The sample's pitch has to be set to NON in the wave edit window , otherwise it will not create a drumkit with adjecent splitpoints .
    The help on this forum is literally the worst

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