Re-Requesting — a single drum unit version of MicroTonic

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  • Shannon Reddy

    Recently purchased Microtonic, love the sounds and simplicity so much, but I've run into the same desire I saw mentioned here a few years ago.

    Similar I guess to ableton Drum Racks, I'm using Logic Pro's Drum Machine Designer, which is set up best to work with drum synths or samples as individual instrument channels, packed into a stack controlled by one midi track. Logic's built in drum synths, for example, can be set as a kick, or a snare, or so on, and you create as many as you'd like.

    I've LOVED integrating microtonic into my tracks, but it's sort of maddening that this can only be done as, for example, 8 full instances of the instrument each only using one slot, having to clear and turn off the built in sequencer for each, as I prefer to use Logic's step sequencers and piano roll.

    Developers, is there any chance of a light, single drum version of Microtonic in the future, minus the sequencer as well? I know that CPU usage isn't a problem, this is more about the simplicity.


  • larserik



    NanoTonic is a VST / AU plug-in for Windows and Mac featuring a unique drum and percussion synthesizer.

    You use NanoTonic as a sound module to play drum sounds from your MIDI keyboard or DAW sequencer. The sound of NanoTonic is 100% synthetic and rendered in real-time. No samples or pre-rendered waveforms are used.


    • 100% synthetic sound, rendered in real-time. No samples!
    • Over-sampled oscillators and sample-accurate triggering.
    • Plenty of creative editing options like morphing, smart alteration and randomization.
    • Comes bundled with loads of factory sounds.
    • Completely fictive
  • larserik

    I like the idea (obviously) but I get the feeling that everyone else in the world wants more features, more sounds, sample playback, 128 step sequencer, compressor, delay, reverb and what not.

    Perhaps if bundled with Microtonic it could draw more buyers, like "buy two pay for one"?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It's not a bad idea Shannon, we've thought about this before but never decided if we should do it or not.

    @LarsErik Nice mockup! 😊 Funny tho, because if we move Microtonic completely to the new framework we have in Bitspeek, Permut8, and Echobode, a NanoTonic could be done as a skin.

  • larserik

    _- Fredrik Lidström wrote:
    @LarsErik Nice mockup! Funny tho, because if we move Microtonic completely to the new framework we have in Bitspeek, Permut8, and Echobode, a NanoTonic could be done as a skin.

    Sounds like grist to the mill for moving over to your newer application framework. Port one product over, and then release two. 😊

  • Sami Younes

    +1 !!
    It would be extremely useful with Maschine or Bitwig...

  • Mike Overdijk


  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    Hey that's not fair
    You guys are stealing my idea :)
    I made a microtonic clone a couple of years in reaktor with a lof of new features like comb filtering , partial oscilator (with inharmonic spread for membrane sounds ) , new distortion curves and also a single instrument element
    It sounds 99% like microtonic , except for the verry steep bandpass filter , it also misses the sequencer
    I proposed these new features to magnus , but seems like he's not interested at all



  • larserik

    You have quite a few things shared over at the Reaktor user library. Nice, I'm to stupid to build anything but boring stuff in Reaktor myself, but I do enjoy what other people are sharing.

    A question, why is there an echo on your forum name here mr gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider?

  • Shannon Reddy

    Thanks for the response Fredrik! I'd love to see it, imagined it as a bonus for microtonic but would even pay for it as a separate product.

    And thanks everyone else! The Nanotonic mockup looks exactly like what I'm talking about. Sami, yes, as an ex-Maschine user, this would absolutely fit in as well with that workflow too. And the Reaktor ensemble is a helpful tool to use in the context of this Drum Machine Designer for sure, thanks for sharing, gentle!

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