MPE Support

Pierandrea Casati400 views7 posts
  • Pierandrea Casati

    Please add MPE support to Synplant!

  • Francesco Adornetto

    you are right Pierandrea!

  • Kounsokiri Nonsens

    Or maybe support for mts-esp suite?

  • Tyler Madden

    Why not both?

    Please do your wonderful creations right and integrate MTS-ESP AND MPE support!

  • Demian Jakob

    yes, please! Push for MTS-ESP and MPE

  • Marc K

    Just signed in to say that I would love this! A new Osmose owner here and the expressivity of something like that is truly remarkable and would be amazing in combination with the timbres synplant produces!!!

  • scarlatox

    Yes. Please, Magnus !!! If you haven't implemented it yet and if it wouldn't delay the first version of Synplant 2 too much, integrate MTS-ESP and MPE.

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