Will Synplant get VST3 support.

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  • Julian Wright

    I’ve used Synplant since the dawn of time and have countless projects as far back as 10 years ago where it was my main synth. Problem is VST2.4 isn’t supported by cubase anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. Hoping to revive these tracks and wonder if VST3 is on the horizon.

  • Fredrik Lidström


    We've got no plans for VST3 at the moment. What version of Cubase are you running the does not have VST2.4 support?

  • Julian Wright

    Sorry my bad, it does actually work. I think I assumed it wouldn't after reading this years ago and getting it in my head that it'd be blacklisted.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Ah yes, they scared the whole industry and made it harder for new developers as they are not allowed to use VST2.4. But since we already have a license allowing us to use VST2.4, at the moment we see no reason to implement VST3. It basically gives us nothing except lost features and another platform to support.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Exactly. Steinberg made an entirely new SDK without bothering to check what the industry wanted. Its design bore very little resemblance to VST2 despite not really accomplishing anything new. Considering all the time spent jointly by the industry into making VST2 work well, obviously, no one cared about VST3. In the end, Steinberg had to resort to legal measures to gradually force everyone to adopt VST3, for no gain to us developers and to you, the end-users. It is a shame, that is what it is.


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