Algunas curiosidades relativas al sintetizador de voz integrad oen PO-35 Speak

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  • Tts and Chip

    Hi everybody!
    Well, I have some curiosities:
    I understand that what the PO does is while it records our voice or whatever it wants us to record, it extracts different essential data in voice synthesis and re-synthesizes in real time, so that what it stores is not recorded audio. Truth?
    Although I'm curious, because when I listen to something made with Bitspeek, it sounds even more retro, unless they pre-tweak something. I say, because by default in the PO there is like a noise with a lot of air, but I still recognize my voice. I know how to handle hidden menus quite well and I could almost say that I get something very close to some toy computers when I make them talk and move the batteries in them, but there is also a strange sound of an octave higher or another lower depending on what I hit rec + fx + 7, but I'm still not quite able to do something exactly Speak and Spell-like. But my curiosity, could this type of speech synthesis be used to develop a complementary TTS? I think it would be great to listen to texts read in my own voice using this synthesis by predictive coding from the PO-35, since it is not exactly what modern synthesizers offer.
    On the other hand, I'm interested in knowing the origin of the default samples. You can tell that they are mostly compilations, I wonder if maybe some were taken from movies)
    In fact I wanted to replicate the first one, I love it. With my own voice I can't, although the old Sam / STSpeech seems to have been used. I tried with an emulator of said synthesizer but could not either. I loved the 7 and 8 sound, which were very used in the factory patterns, or also the 12 made me curious, was it taken from a song?
    That's all, although it would also be uber to know what each effect does, as I read in another post about how each effect is done po-32!

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