How to use pattern switch function in a DAW.

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  • Anthony Munoz

    Hi there! So I really like the way that Microtonic sounds and I just started to use it in my DAW (FL Studio). I first just used the drag-to-MIDI function but then realized that if I want to use a different program from the Patternarium and have the drum sound change as well, this won't work. It would require a program change (to change the voicing of each drum that goes with that particular pattern).

    I discovered that on my PC, Microtonic, by default is set to listen on channel 14. I discovered by changing the setting to channel 1, the program would no longer be in "MIDI Player" mode but would be in the MIDI controller mode where, the piano roll, instead of sending individual notes for each drum, would instead be used to control the buttons on the program. Unfortunately, this is a rather clunky way to get the drums to start and stop and doesn't work well with the way FL Studio is designed.

    As I'm writing this, I discovered that I can create a separate midi controller that sends note information on the channel and port that Microtonic is set to listen on. While this is okay and is better than trying to send start/stop commands to the drum player, it would be better to have the ability to assign/reserve certain note ranges on the piano roll directly within the instrument without having to create a separate midi controller as a separate item within FL Studio.


  • Tom Mosler

    It really depends in wich mode you are in Microtonic. By default there is quite a lot mapped to MIDI keys.

    Excerpt from page 32 in user manual:

    C1 to G1- Trigger drum channel one to eight. MIDI velocity may affect the sound as determined by drum patch settings.
    C2 to G2 - Mute channel one to eight. The channel will stay muted for as long as the key is held down. Footswitch (MIDI controller 64) can be used to sustain mutes.
    C3 to B3 - Select pattern a to l. (Start pattern engine if it is stopped. Press twice to start immediately.)
    C4 - Stop and deactivate the pattern engine. (Press twice to stop and deactivate immediately.)

    Additionally you can map any other MIDI key to perform change of programs. I use C-2 for that which also maps all other keys above to all programs chromatically.

    Keep in mind that this MIDI key map will not work in Pitched mode.

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