Microtonic Script - Copy current program to all program slots

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  • Micah Sam

    Been having loads of fun w/ Microtonic over this past month. One thing I really wished I could shortcut was copying one program to all of the program slots. This is really use if, say, you want to take one drumset and pattern and make small variations, particularly with the way the Microtonic handles program switching via midi. This becomes even more powerful/additionally useful if you route Microtonic midi out to something else (e.g., playing around w/ something like Renoise Redux and letting Microtonic drive a sliced up break).

    Realized that the core ability is already there in the "Make Transposable" script so I fumbled around/hacked my way through making this function as a "copy to all patterns" script. Tried to attach but got an error, will just leave this up on the 'ol Google Drive indefinitely in case someone finds it useful: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10CbwS2MaN3NtlfEEOiuui_R-d4ceksE3/view?usp=sharing


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