Mac Mini M1 Big Sur 11.3 not seeing Sonic Charge VST's as actual plug-ins

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  • Jeroen Verheij

    Also, I downloaded the latest installer, but the installer keeps saying it's the 2015 version?

    Not sure if this is an M1 Silicon problem? They should run through Rosetta I suppose?

    I can install the VST's, but Bitwig does not recognize them as being a VST.

    Any suggestions?


  • Magnus Lidström

    Where does it say it's the 2015 version?

    It shouldn't.

    It should look something like this:

  • Jeroen Verheij

    Thanks for the response.Yes that's resolved now after a restart, so the plugins are now up to date.

    But I can't run them in Bitwig studio. I get this error:

    com.bitwig.flt.library.metadata.reader.exception.CouldNotReadMetadataException: could not read metadata: Not a plug-in file

    I can run the plugins in VCV rack for example, but all Sonic Charge give the above error in Bitwig 4.0

  • Magnus Lidström

    I'm not sure how well Bitwig handles a mix of architectures. Are you running the entire Bitwig application under Rosetta or not?

  • Magnus Lidström

    maybe try this suggestion:

  • Jeroen Verheij

    Bitwig 4 is now M1 Native and can handle X64 and M1 together, and yes I tried that cache delete and lost all links to all my plug-ins this way. Luckily I could go back through time machine.

    It's really weird. I had the Echobode running once, on it's own. Then installed through the Sonic Charge installer to upgrade and from then on all Sonic Charge VSTs stopped being recognized. I also dropped a note at Bitwig and hopefully we can find a solution.

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Jeroen Verheij wrote:
    I also dropped a note at Bitwig and hopefully we can find a solution.

    Thanks. We haven't had any major issues before with Bitwig. Bitwig 4 is still in beta right?

  • Jeroen Verheij

    Yes it is, we're working on it. Will keep you posted.

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