i wish...

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  • C.A.P.

    • Per Step Volume would be nice
    • (Polyrhythm / Number of Steps) per Channel, there is slider and the Bar-Length but it is sadly global
    • Random Buttons on Top

    yey* Love that Tool !

  • yamanetakakazu

    me toooooooo i think microtonic is got a own sound. not a just hardware drumsynth emul.
    i really love tonic "sound" but i wish more develope controll part possibillyty!!!!! sequncer and synth part is one thing for drumsynth if m.t is hardware... (cant use squnce,automation,modlulation in daw) just mybe just maby i dont love mt....... :))

  • Nekz

    Some Elektron style seq features.

  • St├ęphane Novak

    Pattern/track length per voice, yes please!

  • Stefano Lavori

    but a simple REC button like on every DM?

  • Stefano Lavori

    changing drum kit set while playing same pattern/preset or change/load pattern without changing sound kit?

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