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  • HDW

    Hi folks, I have possibly the most basic question ever asked on this forum regards Microtonic, but hey, we all got to start somewhere.

    I've been having great fun with Microtonic (through GarageBand) for some months now, and have my head around much of the synthesis side... it's just the most basic part of all! ... so far I've only been dragging the composition as a MIDI file into my project. So, I compose my sequence, and then drag the file into a track and automate from there.
    However, I can't work out for the life of me how to record it in real-time as I would do any other synth part. I've read the guide, searched online... alas, it's a total blind-spot!
    If any kind soul can spare five minutes to point me in the direction of the process, no need to explain all, just a pointer. As you can tell, I'm pretty new to this? In a nutshell, dragging a MIDI file is an alternative. What's the norm? I truly appreciate any help.

    p.s, does anyone use Microtonic with MPC Beats? Does Microtonic Multi sync up in there... running before i can walk, i know. Thanks, I love this synth and make it the basis of all I do.

  • HDW

    Was just reading a response to another novice post... about attempting to record. My query relates to MPC Beats and using Microtonic as a VST, rather than an AU. If I wanted to record Microtonic in real-time the way in which I would other synths, rather than simply creating the pattern and exporting the MIDI file. Many thanks

  • HDW

    MicroTonic_MIDI Prefs.png


    This is how both MIDI prefs are currently configured... thanks

  • Rhino Schneider

    I don't know MPC Beats, but to play Microtonic:

    • activate Pitched Mode in MIDI Config or click the small keyboard icon in the main window

    • choose MIDI channel 1-8 to play the corresponding drum channel chromatically
    • choose MIDI Channel 10 to play the drums
      • play C2-G2 / mute C3-G3 / pattern change C4-B4 / stop C5

    I hope that answers your question.

  • HDW

    Hello Rhino, yes it does, that's really helpful, appreciate it. Many thanks, H

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