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  • HDW

    Hi all, this is probably super simple, so apologies. I use Boom by Air sometimes, and with this software you can trigger different sequences from your Midi Keyboard, e.g C4 one rhythm for 4 bars, C# for a slightly different rhythm for 4 bars and record them in. Is this possible with Microtonic? The only way I currently use it is by building sequences inside the engine, and then exporting that MIDI pattern into my DAW.

    It would be handy to set up a few different slight variations on a sequence/theme, but rather than run them as a chain, just to trigger each as required, as you can in Boom. At the moment I just use GarageBand and MPC Beats. Thanks appreciate any help, even if it's to say I'm barking up the wrong tree...

    Also, does anyone know if Microtonic Multi works with MPC Beats? Although I'm hoping to move to either Logic or Ableton in the months ahead... does anyone recommend one or the other for working with Microtonic?

    Thanks again

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yes, you can trigger patterns with midi notes in various ways. By default, the notes from C3 (middle C) and up selects a pattern that activates on the next bar. In the "MIDI Config" window you can select other triggering modes.

    Regarding MPC Beats I haven't used it personally so maybe someone else has more insight. I installed it and did a quick check but I could not find any way to route the separate outputs of Microtonic Multi, if this is was your question.

  • HDW

    Thanks Magnus, appreciate your help... will try now. Yes, that was my question regarding MPC, but no worries. Cheers again...

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