Microtonic 3.3.2 rc2 (public beta)

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  • Fredrik Lidström

    Due to all of the outstanding skin contributions, we ran out of space in the SkinChooser. Magnus had to go back and make a better version. When he did, he found a previously undetected bug in Microtonic, which made us have to do yet another release candidate. I present, Microtonic v3.3.2 release candidate 2!

    Mac: Sonic Charge Microtonic v3.3.2rc2.dmg(21.1MB, 181 downloads)
    Windows: Sonic Charge Microtonic v3.3.2rc2.zip(7.22MB, 166 downloads)

    And here are the latest skin installers, now with a total of 11 beautiful alternative skins.

    Mac: Microtonic Skins v0.5.dmg(40.2MB, 164 downloads)
    Windows: Microtonic Skins v0.5.zip(38.1MB, 161 downloads)

  • Manuel Senfft

    Install went well, cool new skin chooser, so far no issues after a very quick test. (=

  • Tom Mosler

    Thanks! No issues so far.

  • Vladimir Pashkin

    The skin selector works.

  • electronic drum

    No issues here (Windows 10).

    The new SkinChooser looks great and works just as I hoped it would: As soon as the number of skins exceeds a multiple of 6, a new page is automatically added.
    Cool stuff, Magnus!

  • larserik

    I've not found any bugs with this release candidate. I can however see that I've not managed to use the proper icons for my skins so some are using the puzzle icon and others the gear icon for the scripts. (sorry about that.)

  • Morty-C-137

    I have installed this latest release but no more mouse-wheel control over parameters?

    Also the stand-alone version wont load in Big Sur (getting a lone-wolf error).

  • Eric Schnorr

    any date on M1/ARM/Big Sur/Monterrey compatibility? I am still waiting in vain for a black friday "deal" on microtonic even thought I have been told it's very unlikely....but I can dream, no? :)

  • sonny hancock

    Working great on 2012 MBP / Mojave.

    Maybe a known issue, the scripts icon switches between gear or puzzle icon.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    - sonny hancock wrote:
    Maybe a known issue, the scripts icon switches between gear or puzzle icon.

    Do you mean when switching between skins or do you get that with the factory skin somehow?

  • Ploki

    iirc Silverbox has a "gear" instead of puzzle

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