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    Yo Sonic Charge team!

    Just got Microtonic (thank you for your response on the price break) and I'm now working on my first custom kit!

    As a user I'm questioning if it would be possible to have all 16 patch banks (instead of just 8) to be edited used in patterns and then transfered to the Tonic?

    Unless I'm over looking things (and I searched this forum) I have to create two sets of 8 and then port to po32 1-8 and then 9-16.

    Maybe someone here has a workflow tip? I'm trying to accomplish this on my PO32.

    1.tight kick 2.snare1 3.ch1 4.ride
    5.thud kick 6.snare 7.ch2 8.small crash
    9.low tom 10.clap1 11.tamb 12.big crash
    13.bass drop 14.clap2 15.shaker 16.cowbell

    but I also want to make the 16 patterns using this kit through Microtonic and not having to do it through the PO32 then send it back to Microtonic,I hope I'm making sense ê¿ê

    edit: I understand that on the [transfer sound] tab you can send sounds 1 by 1
    and through the [sounds+pattern] tab you can send 1-8 or 9-16
    I'm looking to send 1-16 sounds and patterns all in one transfer...

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