Ableton keeps crashing due to Microtonic

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  • Kono

    Hello there,

    My Ableton keeps crashing because of Microtonic for a week and I cannot solve the problem. I’ve sent Ableton an email about it along with the crash reports. They told me the problem is caused by Microtonic and I should write to you for solution. Below you can find the email I sent to Ableton, explaining the problem.

    Last week, Ableton automatically upgraded to 10.1.42. When I sat down to work after this update, I encountered Ableton crashing after opening the Microtonic of Sonic Charge, which is my constant VST in every project. Thinking it was a temporary error, I restarted Ableton but it crashed again, and kept crashing when I opened my old projects as well. I reset Ableton, deleted Microtonic and reinstalled all versions, then I deleted and reinstalled Ableton (including old versions + v11 demo). Ableton crashes every time I open Microtonic no matter what I do. This started happening after it upgraded to version 10.1.42. I have works to finish and I don't know what to do. I‘m sending the crash reports and hope you can help me as soon as possible.


    Ableton Crash Report 2021-11-20 034701 Live, 394 downloads)
    Ableton Crash Report 2021-11-20 032248 Live, 406 downloads)
    Ableton Crash Report 2021-11-20 213305 Live 10.1.42, 426 downloads)
    Ableton Crash Report 2021-11-20 213305 Live, 426 downloads)
    Ableton Crash Report 2021-11-20 033440 Live, 438 downloads)

  • Fredrik Lidström


    Looking at your logs it looks like you are running Microtonic V3.2. Can you check inside the About box if that is the case?

    If you have not done so already, try downloading the latest multi-installer from our download page and run that version (V3.3.1).

    You can also download and test the public beta if you like. There are no known issues with it as far as what has been reported.

  • Kono

    Hey Fredrik, thanks for your return.

    I don't know why I didn't install the 3.3.2 volume. I guess I hesitated because it was a beta version. But now, after installing it, everything works great again. Thank you so much for your support!

    Take care.

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