Yamaha TX16W 2.06 OS "Wave memory full"

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  • Valery Zaveryaev


    My Tx16W have a problem.
    When it starts downloading Typhoon OS, but when it reaches the number 012, everything freezes! The same problem with floppy drive. Short video -

    YouTube Video

    I tried to boot Yamahas OS version 2.06. And got slightly different results. When the download passes the digits 014 and 015, the message "Arraging wave memory" appears on the screen for a split second, and then the message "Wave memory full". After that, the download stops and everything freezes!
    Power (+/-12V and 5 V) is OK.
    Does the message "Wave memory full" mean that my TX16 has a damaged built-in memory?
    Have TX16 hard reset or RAM test or anything like?

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