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  • Peter Tinsley

    Hi, is there a MIDI SYSEX code for changing programs (Next/Previous)?

    I have an AKAI MIDI-MIX controller and want to be able to change Microtonic presets with it.

    Currently, I can get it to switch between 16 Programs Not sure exactle where it's getting these 16 Programs from) but I have a folder with thousands of presets I'd like to be able to switch through with Next/Previous buttons.

    How can I make that possible please?

    As a workaround, I've seen some VST's which emulate Program/Bank changes (ie: You map it to MIDI CC and it emulate program changes which are then sent to the plugin whenever you push a controller button). Not 100% sure how to set it up though - so was wondering if it's possible directly using Micro-tonic instead?

    Another workaround is to use a mouse macro recorder to simulate mouse-clicks assigned to MIDI controls. Kinda clunky though as it is dependent on Window focus and position.

    Sadly, I notice that Preset/Program changes never seem to be MIDI map-able in VST plugins. If it's not possible, it kinda makes them all useless for live performance with MIDI instruments.

    An exception is the Zebra plugin which uses Program Changes based on Windows File-Exporer navigating to a predefined "MIDI" Folder.

    Any similar solution for Microtonic?

    Thank you.

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