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    I still have my TX-16W and have installed the Cyclone plugin (Logic Pro X), but it's been years since I used the TX-16W and never got round to properly learn Typhoon 2000 back in the day, and memory fails me.....

    I'm trying to make a Linndrum setup. I have the samples (done on a TX-16W), but need to map the sounds etc. So do I need to make a VOICE for each sound (i.e. one for the bassdrum, another for the snare etc.), except for the hihat where that single voice would be both for the open and closed hihat (monophonic, where playing a closed hihat would cut off the decay of the open hihat)?

    And once that's done, would the normal thing be to for instance create a PERFORMANCE with a combined stereo output (i.e. the different drum sounds panned in different locations), and another PERFORMANCE where each voice would have its own individual output (for allowing independant EQ, panning and effects for each sound)? That way I'd have a stereo setup for simple demo use and an individual setup for recording.
    I've already created a Cyclone disk image with the actual drum sounds on using [the online Floppy disk baker] (https://soniccharge.com/floppybaker) which I've tested working with Cyclone, and I assume once done I can open the contents of that disk image on my Mac Finder desktop, copy the files over to a TX-16W floppy disk and use it in the hardware TX-16W as well.

    By the way, where can I download a blank Cyclone disk image file from (or create it myself)?
    EDIT: I think I figured it out myself. I simply pressed "Remove all" in an existing disk image followed by "Bake .IMG file" to create the empty image, then clicked on "Floppy img" to download and save it to my computer.


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