Sync PO-32 to a DAW.

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  • Luis Bicho

    Is there a way to sync a PO-32 to an DAW (reason studios) with the function sync??

  • Luis Bicho

    TRS-MIDI Cable type A, does this helps!???

  • Luis Bicho

    Good morning, Have a Musical New Year 2022, i need to know a few things i read the Guide several times to get an approach to what i can get from mine PO-32, I want to sync this PO knowing that in the stereo (3.5 TRS) if having the Metronome click signal on the Left and the Mono channel right for the audio and wanting to sync with Reason Studios as the Primary device and PO-32 the Secondary Device i can´t get any signal, I got an Steinberg UR-MKII with 1 Output TRS Plug 6.30mm and the device connected to a Behringer 802 with the signal passing to Monitor Audio. It works well. Rising the notch, I want to work on a project where I use the sync MIDI Traditional from Reason Soft device to control the PO-32 (Play/Stop or even sequencing and automation) but until know no success in achieving a signal from the pocket operator since I can´t make Reason to recognize the Device. If I can´t make Reason to recognize even the signal Metronome I can´t use this TRS mini plug to midi din5 Type A as well. Any chance to help me do this setup, Reason Studios as Primary and Pocket as Secondary, with proper connections. Thanks in advance
    Kind musical moments.

  • Magnus Lidström

    The pocket operators only syncs to an audio pulse (think "click track"). It can't respond to anything as sophisticated as song start / stop etc. I remember I successfully got mine to sync with Ableton by loading a sample of a very short click into a sampler and trigger it with a repeating 1/8th note. It should be possible in Reason too.

    If I remember correctly I was even able to make a click sound in Microtonic. But I can't find any of these files now. Let me know if you are interested and I'll have a go at it again.

    Since these solutions use up an audio channel they are best if you have a multi I/O audio interface.

    What I normally do instead is to use a device like Korg Volca to convert MIDI sync input to clock output.

  • Luis Bicho

    Good afternoon, I am interested, and, just installed an old Echo PCi card and I will have a go on recording that click track and play it thru an audio loop or sampler, I will feedback to this post later. Thanks again,
    I think I heard that click track on SYNC 01 on the pocket operator.

  • Luis Bicho

    Hello again, can a Pocket operator be connected to a Modal Craft 2.0?

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