Keeping 8 preferable patches 'locked' in place

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  • Quinn Young

    January 10th 2022. Florida, usa

    Is it possible to save all 8 channels as, "locked" in, so that when you select a new preset from the browser, your personal custom patches in all 8 channels will still remain, being used in place of the newly chosen preset.?

    If this isn't an available function, can it be coded into uTonic to begin existing?

    I'm inquiring this, because it seems like it would be useful to have 8 preferred patches laid out, to use with any other available rhythmic beats to select from.

  • Magnus Lidström

    In the preset browser you can find a popup that lets you choose to only load patterns (or patches):

    Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 03.02.41.png

    Maybe it is not exactly what you asked for (since it only works from the file browser), but perhaps it helps?

  • Quinn Young

    Much appreciated for the quick reply Magnus. :)

    I devised a decent work-around to achieve the task I was seeking.
    Having 1 instance of utonic set up with 8 preferrable patches, and a 2nd instance to browse beats with, and simply c&p the pattern desired from the matrix editor into the 1st instance matrix editor.

    This technique satisfies the goal I was imagining possible. Very cool & good.
    Continue the fine works :) !!

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