Microtonic keeps asking for registering key

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  • anonymous


    i have been using ableton for about a year now and suddenly it asked me for the registration key again. i filled it in again but not a minute later it asked me again. and this now happens about every minute now. it really messus up my speed of work and i hope you know what i can do to make this dissapear.

    i also saw one other topic about this subject but unfortunatly my problem was not the one talked about in that one.

    thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

    MicroTonic 2.0.1
    Windows Vista
    Fruity Loops 9 XXL Producer Edition

  • Fredrik Lidström

    You state that you run MicroTonic 2.0.1, why are you not upgraded to version 3? I cannot find any purchase under your name or email, please PM me with the registration details you use to register.

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